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First of all, who are we?

Our little team starts at the end of 2019, nothing official or any big plans, just a few friends having fun.
And then the months go by and the friends of the NormandyRidersCrew become more and more interested in the games that are Instagram and YouTube.

The idea of ​​sharing his passion for downhill cycling and revealing to the public our investment in this sport appeals. Several projects later, here we are, new website and first clothing collection! We sincerely hope you like it. Now let's present all of our riders !

First of all, we are going to talk about Robin and Theo, who's the first to became in N.R.C They met at a local spot by hasard, and then, it's the beginning of the story.

Let's talk about Theo. He's a "Sunday rider" by his riding frequency... but not by his skills ! He's more a tricker than a racer and love do some tabletops or whips. Theo is looking for a new bike build...

Now lets talk about Robin What about Robin ? Robin is the racer by excellence, for sure he likes tricks, air time and all... But nothing more a good technical line to bring him pure happiness !
Robin likes to push his limits further and further each session, maybe we have a future champion between us... follow us before he gets too famous ;)


Evan is the proper definition of the freerider of the group. A nice flow, some big air time and fire tricks. He also a pro- Scott rider, with a total amount of 3 scott bikes in case you didn’t saw them yet :P
Oh and also he’s the one bringing the snacks, by 2 or 3 kg each sesh lmao..


Tomas is the rookie of the team.
Tomas did a great progression from the last two years, he’s now shredding like never ! He also like to send ridiculously fat whips without even trying to get them back XD


Ludo, Tomas brother, is a chill rider.
Of course he gets to push his limits, but, gently.
He’s that guy performing the belgian accent you know ?
His speciality ? Torture his rear wheel on shorts receptions.
Ludo made a good progression recently tho, more to come, COMMON LUDOOO !!!62